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I haven't even seen any benefit to this plugin and it is screwing up my site with a script error popping up every time I attempt to move from a draft to a preview on a post. It took me over a week to figure out that it was this plugin that was screwing things up! Meanwhile, I had to do two restores on my site, which means that I had to independently copy and save several of my newer articles, at least half a dozen to repost into the site after the restore was complete. This cost me a lot of my precious time having to redo all this work especially with the seo. Your marketing guy called me claiming that it was a good idea to start the account early when I clearly said I was not really ready yet. I haven't had time to do any campaigns because I was not ready yet, just like I told him. So my money has been wasted on this, with no returns in signups, and the plugin screwing up my site! I'm not happy about this crap at all!
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