price increase without notice

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without any notice, Where Love Grows was charged an addl $10. and it looks like this is our new monthly cost. I am not happy with the handling of this increase at all. NO NOTICE? NO EMAIL???? VERY unprofessional. Waiting on hold to talk with someone ASAP.
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Hi @VictoriaA950

Thanks for posting about this, I am sorry for the frustration! We know price increases are never easy! I took a look at your account and see that you did recently see a $10 increase in your monthly cost. We did send notification to your email address ( on 5/24/2017 and it looks like someone opened it the next day. I'm not sure if someone else has access to your inbox who might have opened it but I am sorry this didn't get to you.

Were you able to get ahold of the billing team for more information?

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