tying to return jared's phone call

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I left a message, no one has retuned my call in the last month
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Hi @JohnA51. Could you let us know what department you were looking to speak with or the reason for your call? This way, we can attempt to have the correct team reach out to you. 


I was trying to return Jared's message which he left me, was trying to call 866-289-2101 but I am not prepared to wait 30+ minutes. Surely CC should have a program where they take my number and call me back. Keeping me waiting send me the message that your time is worth much more than my time



Jared at 866-289-2101 left me a message, I can't get to him other than waiting forever on the phone. I am guessing he is in Billing

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Hi @JohnA51. Thank you for letting us know and I apologize for the delay in our reply. I have asked a member of our Support team to contact you to speak further about your experience. 

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