2020: A Community Review and Looking Ahead


Hello Community!

My name is Caitlin and I took over the role of Community Manager in August of last year. It was a time of change for everyone, myself included. While adjusting to a work-from-home life (it was a smart move to buy a desk instead of working at the kitchen table, staring at the snacks in the cabinets), I started to plan out what I wanted to accomplish in this new role. How could we as a team continue to support our customers with all of their individual needs? Before I could look forward, I decided to look back.

Here is a wrap-up of what we were able to accomplish last year:

  • In March, we redesigned the Community to consolidate the number of available boards. This allows you to easily browse the Community and we are able to find your posts faster! We also did another redesign in July to match our new branding.
  • March also brought the introduction of our Small Business Support Kit board to allow small business owners to connect with each other and discuss changes that have impacted them due to COVID-19. Although this board is no longer active, we have a COVID-19 dashboard (update: The dashboard is no longer available) located in your account to help you navigate your marketing during these times.
  • We created groups for our customers in certain industries. Like the Small Business Support Kit board, we wanted to have areas available for customers to discuss practices and news related to their industry and how their online marketing can be impacted. We started off with two industries and are now at four (Retail, Real Estate, Nonprofit, Other Industries). Visit our Group Hubs to join the conversation!

So what is our Community team working on behind the scenes for you?

  • An update of our Get Advice board. This board is especially unique and deserves some TLC. We’re working on more clear navigation of the board, including a better labeling system to highlight the types of advice and conversations we are having with customers and an easier way for you to participate. Keep an eye out for some special activities here too!
  • A new homepage experience to highlight what’s new and important in the Community.
  • An upgrade of the feedback process. We are looking to be more transparent with both the process of an idea, but also the status of ideas being shared as well. This is being done through reviewing old ideas, sharing updates for any ideas currently being tracked, and even having product owners join in the discussion on any long-running threads.

Our Community exists because of our wonderful customers and I want to hear from you! What do you find useful about the Community? Is there a discussion point surrounding online marketing that you would like to see expanded upon, such as reporting or even selecting a template? What can we be doing better? Feel free to leave a comment below or if you wish to engage privately, you can message me directly. I’m here to listen.

Caitlin M.

Community Manager

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We take questions asked by customers on the Community and expand on them to help you find answers fast, getting you back to using Constant Contact's suite of amazing tools in no time.

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