Changes are coming to the Community!


Happy New Year everyone! A new year brings new goals, hopes and ambitions. We’re excited to share some of our new plans for the Constant Contact Community with you, our wonderful community members.


Over the years we’ve been committed to making the community a place where you can come ask questions and find answers, where you can participate with your peers and have your voice heard, and to suggest and vote on new ideas that should be addressed. We’re not planning on drastically changing what works in terms of getting support from the community team. If anything, we’d like to continue the momentum we started in 2022 with our changes to the feedback area, and provide more transparency, more updates, and more great engagement opportunities in the community.


I want to show off the new navigation structure. Everything will still be accounted for, but it may have a new name or be in a new place. Below is the basic structure and what you can expect to find/do in these areas:


  • Support
    • Get Help - Ask a question, report a problem, get help using Constant Contact
    • Give Feedback - Provide feedback and give ideas for features you’d like to see added or changed
    • API Developer Support - Technical support for developers leveraging our API to build custom integrations
  • Get Inspired
    • Expert Advice - Webinar Q&As, tips, tricks, and advice. Let us know what advice you’d like to see covered. 
    • Share & Get Ideas (formerly Get Advice) - Share your success stories and lessons learned, or ask for advice from your peers and our marketing experts. Ask for feedback on your newsletter design, or how to achieve your marketing goals. This is a place for everyone to learn and share together.
    • Idea Showcase - Sweepstakes, polls, and galleries to give inspiration
  • Learn & Grow
    • Account FAQs - Answers to some of the most common questions asked in the community.
    • Community Know-How - Inspired by real questions from the community - we’ll dive into topics that present unique use cases or need more explanation.
    • Getting Started and Resource Centers - A variety of new pages to help bring all of our great resources together in one place.
  • Announcements
    • Welcome Center - For new members of the community to learn more about the rules and functionality for engaging in the platform.
    • Announcements - Announcements on the latest events, community updates, webinars, and more
    • Constant Contact News - Product updates and other Constant Contact related news to keep you informed.


We will take the beginning of the year to build out some of these new areas, and you can start expecting changes to be visible soon. This is only the beginning, as we plan to add and expand even more in 2023. We will keep everyone up to date in our new Announcements area!


Thank you for helping make the community a great place.

Community Knowledge Base

Learning & Resources

We take questions asked by customers on the Community and expand on them to help you find answers fast, getting you back to using Constant Contact's suite of amazing tools in no time.

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