Constant Contact DKIM and Siteground

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I'm trying to set up the Constant Contact self authenticating DIKM records on SiteGround. In the Constant Contact Knowledge Base are shown CName Records --- CNAME 1 Record Name and CNAME 1 Value On Siteground, when I create a new CNAME record (For the Constant Contace DIKM info) I am shown --- Name and Resolves To I am assuming that the Constant Contact "Value" is the same as Siteground's "Resolves To" Is this a correct assumption? Thanks in advance.

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Hello @PhinneyRidge ,


Please call our delivery team if you need support regarding your self-authentication setup, beyond what's provided in our main article on setting it up. Otherwise, you'll need to speak with your site builder's support or webmaster (whichever is applicable) to address your domain's side of the authentication.

William A
Community & Social Media Support