Viewing Contact "Notes" as one of the 7 columns.

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Is it possible to view contact "Notes" as one of the seven viewable columns in my contact list. I'm a new user and just spend an hour uploading all my various contact lists. "Notes" is one of the selectable field options for matching data columns from my CSV file, but it does not appear to be one of the selectable fields for viewing when I look at my lists of contacts. Do I have to delete and reload all of my lists and choose a different field if I want to be able to see my contact notes easily?
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Hello @GregoryM282 ,


Notes is not an available column for the contacts page columns and sorting. In all honesty, if you're intending to keep particular info for a contact visible in a column, and this type of info is common across your contact types, I would recommend setting up individual custom fields for those bits of info - rather than having a general pile of information, which "Notes" tends to be in most cases. This way, if you're looking for contacts that fit a particular bit of information, you can swap out columns you're not needing more regularly, and sort by that custom field in your contacts overview.


In this regard, yes, the best practice would be to reconfigure your contacts list(s), and make sure you're naming the custom fields similarly between your CSV file and your Constant Contact account. 


For more info on how custom fields work, including creation and management, please see our main article on the topic

William A
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