400 Status Code — Bad Request

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400 Status Code — Bad Request


I am new to setting up email API. I am struggling to make this work with Constant Contact.

I am using node.js with Express, and using Request as my HTTP client. Something is not configured correctly in my options or the data I am using to make the post request. My form has three inputs: First Name, Last Name and Email. Can someone with knowledge of this approach help me out?
Thank you


const express = require("express");
const bodyParser = require("body-parser");
const request = require("request");

const app = express();

    extended: true

app.get("/"function(reqres) {
  res.sendFile(__dirname + "/signup.html");

app.post("/"function(reqres) {
  let firstName = req.body.fName;
  let lastName = req.body.lName;
  let email = req.body.email;

  let data = {
    first_name: firstName,
    last_name: lastName,
    email_address: email

  let jsonData = JSON.stringify(data);

  let options = {
    method: "POST",
    headers: {
      Authorization: "Bearer xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx"
    body: jsonData

  request(optionsfunction(errorresponsebody) {

app.listen(3000function() {
  console.log("server has started on port 3000");
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