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API Keys generated help me mapping them the app.config keys C# V2


API Keys generated help me mapping them the app.config keys C# V2

I downloaded this library 

C# Library : Constant Contact API v2 C# library. ( https://github.com/constantcontact/.net-sdk )


I found that i have 3 keys


Application: appName Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Secret: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Status:active

then I went to I/O Docs and i generated a access token which is formated like :

8 chars - 4 chars- 4 chars- 4 chars - 8 chars

in the application requesting the next Keys in the application config :


    <add key="APIKey" value="APIkey"/>
    <add key="Password" value="password"/>
    <add key="Username" value="username"/>
    <add key="RedirectURL" value=""/>
    <add key="ClientSettingsProvider.ServiceUri" value="" />



Simply I need mapping from the application config keys to the constant contact keys i generated .


and If there are another keys need to be generated kindly send me how to generate it.


thank you for your help.


It looks like you're taking things just one step farther than what the SDK needs. In Mashery, on your API Keys page, you will need to grab the API Key and Redirect URI, and set these as the values in the config file. Then, you will need to set the username and password of the account you are needing to access in the password and username value fields. The application will generate its own access token to use.


I hope this helps - let us know!

Nick Galbraith
Support Engineer
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