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API V3 403 Forbidden

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API V3 403 Forbidden

My was working 30 days ago and now I am running into trouble.


I was using a GET request for the following API:,unsubscribed&include=custom_fields&limit=500&include...


I successfully retrieve the access token, but when I retrieve a Status 403:

"error_key": "access_denied",
"error_message": " Request forbidden due to insufficient authorization scopes."


Last time I came across a similar issue there was an issue with some fo the certificates that had to be updated. 


Any assistance to help trouble shoot would be greatly appreciated.




Occasional Contributor

Re: API V3 403 Forbidden

After rereading the authentication workflow I discovered my error.  While in parts of the documentation describes "scope" as optional, it is now required for the token request.  Without Scope I was receiving a valid token, but it did not provide access for any data (scope).


Does anyone know if this was a recent change?





Re: API V3 403 Forbidden

Hi @KenJ32,


Previously we only had endpoints for contacts. We recently released new endpoints for email campaigns. Since that release the scopes moved from optional to required. The release notes mention the new scope, but it does not mention they are now required. We'll work towards making our notes better going forward.

Jimmy D.
Tier II API Support Engineer
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