API and 500 Errors

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API and 500 Errors

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I have logins that I can login with interactively that will fail with the api.  These logins fail with a 500 and provide no further information. I have other logins that I run through this exact same code that perform flawlessly. Any thoughts or suggestions as to why some logins work and some don't? (I'm doing a post to start the process to pull down custom fields when this happens.)

I'll be glad to provid login information, what I'm posting, etc.


Craig Baugh


Hi Craig,


I'm sorry to hear you're still seeing the 500 errors.  Is this still using the Bulk Activity Posting a new activity and than using a GET on the received URI to check the status periodically?

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Both of these below are an example of the initial post that I'm making to this url:


(Whether I leave the api key in or remove it doesn't seem to matter.)






And in this case both of these will work.


The problem is that I've got several CC customer accounts that are failing with a 500 when run through this exact same code on this initial post. I am obviously updating all of the urls with the account name, etc. Is there something on your end you can do to monitor these requests and see why they are failing ?



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