Access to the specified resource (Not Allowed to access *) has been forbidden.


Access to the specified resource (Not Allowed to access *) has been forbidden.

Hi, I'm attempting to develop an app in coldfusion for a few clients that will allow them to setup a checkmark box that would allow their users to signup to the client's lists.

The clients would provide me a username and password and I would take care of the rest. 
Is this possible?

I've attempted to use the Coldfusion Wrapper class, but I am receiving the error:


HTTP Status 403 - Not Allowed to access [client's account]


Am I using the api incorrectly? I'm guessing the error involves the apikey? I'm attemping to use my own APIKey to avoid having client's needing to create their own. Is that possible?

Would I need the client to provide an APIKey for me also? or would I be able to use my own  apikey for each access?


thank you


The API key can be reused against multiple accounts and doesn't need to be generated by the same account that you are attempting to access.  The 403 forbidden including a username in the error generally indicates that you have a valid username/password in your authentication credentials (otherwise you would receive a 401 unauthorized) but you are attempting to access a resource you don't have access to.  Any chance you could post the code you're using (hiding any sensitive information of course), could be something simple that we could help with.


You can also email our team with the project/files so we can try looking at that by email  This is usually the best way to get us code.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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