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Account lockout from API

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Account lockout from API

I have developed an application using the .NET wrapper. This makes use of a user name and password rather than oAuth. It worked fine while I was developing it and testing it but on the first full day of thorough testing my colleague, who is using the same account, kept getting locked out. 


The code would work for a bit and then she would get locked out. I would then have to reset the password via the web. (Trying to log in would say that the account was locked for security reasons).


Is there a limited number of times that the code can call the ConstantContactUtility.Utility.IsValidUserAuthentication method? We do use this method a fair amount to ensure that the username and password are valid.






Hi David,


Accounts only lock that way if a valid username, but wrong password, is used a few times in a row.  Chances are, the password was set wrong in one of the implementations and it keeps locking the account.  It's not an issue with calling the same method multiple times.


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