Adding a Domain Key to my CC Account


Adding a Domain Key to my CC Account

Hi, I am trying to add a Domain Key Record to my CContact account so I can send emails from an email address that does not exist. From my understanding, since we have an SPF Record and CC provided a domain key I need to somehow add this to my account. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks!




My understanding of what you are trying to accomplish is to self authenticate and you are now in need of a domain key.  

I can turn self authentication on in your account and generate a domain key for you to use.  I just need your username.  If you are uncomfortable posting this information, please email me directly at  

With this generated key, you will need to create a DNS txt record for your domain and include the key and constantcontact's server IPs as included senders.  If this does not make sense or you are in need of more information please email me.



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