Avoiding 409 errors during dev/debug


Avoiding 409 errors during dev/debug

I have my contact form working with the API for adding a new contact. As you might expect, I'm trying to putting the setup through some testing, make sure the auto Welcome Email looks right, etc. However, I only have so many email accounts to test out the code with. It appears that within constant contact, once an email gets added you can never really remove it from the system - is this correct? I can remove it from the lists, but the system appears to keep these addresses in the "removed" cage, and their existence there is still enough to trigger the 409 error, apparently. Let me know if I understand all of that correctly. If so, what is the reccomended way to test add-new-contact code without running across this?



That is how we record addresses.  Once they are added, they are permanently recorded.  What you can do, however, is change the address to a dead address, like test@yourdomainbroken.com and move that to the Do Not Mail list.  This way you will never accidentally send to it and it will also allow you to reuse an address.  You will also never be charged for Do Not Mail addresses so there is no billing implication.


Hope this helps!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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