Big Commerce/Constant Contact Integration 401 Error


Big Commerce/Constant Contact Integration 401 Error


Getting the following error when trying to refresh the mail list from Constant Contact in Big Commerce. The API key and account to Constant Contact is successfully verified. 

However once clicking on Refresh Lists or Choosing a list, an error occurs and is unable to pull our lists from Constant Contact. 

Store log error, with the actual key removed in place of [KEY REMOVED]:

Failed to download lists from Constant Contact. The error from Constant Contact was: Constant Contact HTTP Request Exception:
HTTP Status 401 - Application data not found for key: [KEY REMOVED]
type Status report

message Application data not found for key: [KEY REMOVED]

description This request requires HTTP authentication (Application data not found for key: [KEY REMOVED]).

JBoss Web/2.1.1.SNAPSHOT



I've checked with Constant Contact and they show everything is connected fine, so there must be something happening on the Big Commerce end as its trying to pull the lists. 

I've submitted a ticket into Big Commerce, however I thought I'd try here to see if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.




Our new Mashery (V2) keys won't work with the Big Commerce integration, which uses our V1 API.  We've asked Big Commerce to build their own API Key into their application and stop asking their end users for an API Key, but they haven't.  They provided their own API Key under step 5 on this page.  Simply copy and plug in their API Key where they ask for it, and you should stop getting the 401 error.


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Thank you so much that worked liek a charm.


For some reason I didn't realize that we were supposed to use that key as a global shared key for Big Commerce. I'm so used to API keys being unique for each client.  

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That didn't work for me.  I entered the API key from the Big Commerce page you referenced and it verifies however I don't see any of my lists.  When I refresh my lists I get a 404 error.

A 404 error indicates that what the BigCommerce integration is asking us for doesn't exist.  We'd need to work with BigCommerce to better understand the request they are making and find out what is going on. 

Dave Berard
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Has the problem with integration with Big Commerce been solved? Apparently, our Big commerce Store is still not integrated with Constant Contact. I tried doing all the processes, but there seems to be a disconnect. Please advice. 

Hi @LindaB0279,


We do not currently have any specific problems with a Big Commerce integration. If you are experiencing any issues related to installing/using the Big Commerce integration I would start by reaching out to their support to see if they can provide any insight as they are the developers of the integration. If there is a problem their developers are welcome to reach out to use for assistance in resolving the issue.

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