Custom signup form with API V3

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Custom signup form with API V3


I'm trying to add contacts via a custom form (not a standard CC form) on a website, but don't want the user to have to take any other actions other than submitting the form. Is this possible?


I'm able to add a contact using the server flow, but only after I've logged in and that won't work for anonymous users visiting the website that want to just sign up.


I need to use a custom form because I'm doing things on my end with a database that stores data being used in a CC custom field that gets sent along with the contact information when the contact is created.


All I've found is outdated methods that don't work.


Thank you

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I've got it working, but my only issue is refreshing the token after expiration without granting permission again, either 2 hours after use or 24 hours without being used.


If I generate it initially, then keep submitting the form it works fine, but that's not realistic.


Can I run a cron job to somehow keep the token alive?

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Using cron is not the best solution, as the token still has a maximum lifespan of 24 hours, at which point it will expire even if it's been used recently. The best method would be to refresh the access token by using step 5 of the OAuth2.0 Server Flow, which doesn't involve granting permission again:


Refresh an access token by sending a POST request to the authorization endpoint with the refresh_token and grant_type query parameters. This allows you to obtain a new access token and a new refresh token without having to prompt the user to reauthenticate with Constant Contact.


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