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ID & PW to login and generate new API Key not working


ID & PW to login and generate new API Key not working


I had a nightly API integration / sync with another database working fine for months.

Then, personnel in my wife's office had the ID / PW combo (both!) reset for main Constant Contact account.

Our programmer determined that, of course, the change in ID & PW resulted in API connectivity failure.  We also need a new API key of course, because I was told the API key is an encrypted version of the

Attempting to obtain a new API key has been a problem;

- Tried to login at http://developer.constantcontact.com/apikey/login with ID & PW: FAIL

- Tried to login at same with Developer ID & PW (same one used to log into this blog): FAIL

- Tried to find / recover any "Business Partner" ID & PW that may have previously existed @ https://bpconsole.constantcontact.com/login.do: FAIL

Bottom line:  I have no valid credentials to log in & create a new API key.  All methods of authentication across these different sites seem pretty disjointed; so really can't find any other method to get help in the issue; phone rep suggested I post the issue here.

If there is some manual interaction required on your end to create an API key, please email me at webstuff@binaryparcels.com and I will provide ID and any other details required.

Thank you!




There should be no further issues generating API keys.  Given the correct Constant Contact Username/Password (Not a Business Partner or Developer Username/Password), you will be able to generate keys from here on in.  Sorry of any confusion in our messaging, we have adjusted our error message to correctly reflect errors in key generation.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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