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IE11, I am trying to generate token through my website.

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IE11, I am trying to generate token through my website.



I am trying to generate the token from my website for the constant contact account.

But if attempt it through Internet Explorer it shows me message.


You successfully logged out.


Image is also attached with the ticket. please respond.




Thanks for posting in the forums.  Would you mind PMing me the website you are running the OAuth flow in, and your API key?  We'll need to do some investigating, see if there's some unexpected behavior.




Andrew B.

API Support

Website URL



API key - d19d43c6-036e-4072-b1e5-b79cc92d6c85

Spoke with a couple of developers on our side.  As of today, we have no known issues with IE11.  Their recommendation is to try either in a fresh browser instance (Private Browsing in IE11) or to clear your cache/cookies.  Most likely culprite is dirty cookies that are causing the login to fail.


If you try this and still have the error, let me know.  Will have our QE teams try some additional tests to see if we can reproduce.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

ok one thing i noticed,


if i try to process in main window of browser it is working, but if i try to attempt in lightbox. it gives me the error.

-But the it takes me to the login window and after pressing the login window it logged me out.

So it seems issue from constant contact code for creating cookies or something like this?

any guess?


M using this in Joomla Modal Box.

Spoke with our team that owns login and session management, they can't think of any reason off the top of their heads why this would be a problem.  We're going to see if we can reproduce on our end and look into this, it may take a few days to get a Joomla site up, code this up and test on our systems.  Will definitely share anything we find and, if we find a defect, will look to get it resolved. 


Our recommendation is to follow security best practices and only show a login screen on a website that has an address bar so the user logging in has confidence that the website they are typing their credentials is who they say they are.  While we do not currently block using an iFrame to manage the OAuth flow, we do strongly recommend providing users with a confident and secure flow that shows they are not giving their information to a malicious person.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact



Well We follow and always implement the program so that client will be always remain secured. We are using this COnstant contact for Admin Panel. So to generate token he must be login first to the backend to show the Constant contact login screen and there is enough security.


So only issue m facing is that Login is not working with IFrame. So if you found any issue or solution for the issue i reported please let me know.

We have not found any specific issues.  I do want to reiterate my earlier post, we neither recommend nor support using an iFrame for security purposes and highly recommend using a popup window.  We will keep this on our list to investigate and see if there are issues but since we do not support iFrame flows for our OAuth process, this would be low priority for us if fixed at all.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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