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Missing field: email_addressOutput Template

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Missing field: email_addressOutput Template


 Iam using constant contact API for long time, Today when i used the code for add contact using php script, I experinced a problem with a error message "Missing field: email_addressOutput Template" (in a blank screen.. it hurts)

Can anyone please help me out, wat would went wrong...here is the fields that i pass in my code to CC

                           $_REQUEST = "email_address";

                            $_REQUEST = $txt_first_name;

                            $_REQUEST = $txt_last_name;

                            $_REQUEST = $txt_city;

                            $_REQUEST = $state_code;

                            $_REQUEST = $txt_zip;

                            $_REQUEST = $txt_street_name;

                            $_REQUEST = $txt_daytimephone;

                            $_REQUEST = $txt_daytimephone;


Note : Error msg ("Missing field: email_addressOutput Template")





Hi Satish,


In order to help you with this issue I will need to see your source code. There are numerous things that could be wrong and I would like to trace the entire process. Typically I recommend that you email the source code to me however at this time our web services email address is not functioning properly and so I am asking you to post your code in this forum. Just make sure to obfuscate any important details such as your account username, password, and API key.


I look forward to helping you soon.

Dan H

Support Engineer, Constant Contact

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