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Php - I am assuming this is authentication failure

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Php - I am assuming this is authentication failure

Just using the sample out of the box code and only modifying:

       var $login = 'recb2'; //Username for your account

        var $password = 'Rb2022'; //Password for your account

        var $apikey = 'some key characters...';

in cc_class.php

every choice selected from the header returns a 500 error.  What am I missing?

Buddy Peacock


Those variables in cc_class.php should be the only files that need to be modified. If you were having an authentication issue though, it would be returning a 401 error and you would still be able to see the form elements on the page.


Can you copy/paste exactly the error message you are seeing on your screen?

Are there any other warnings or errors that are on this page other than the 500? 

Would you be able to give us the URL to the page that is having this error?

David J

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