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Programmatic Access to v3 API without web sign in

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Programmatic Access to v3 API without web sign in

I'm looking to write a script to automate a few tasks with just a single connection with no user interaction.


I can generate the authorization url, and when I do Postman does show me the CC login prompt. However, I don't want to have to log in via a web page to grant access each time I run this script. I know with the v2 API there was a way to just use the access token given through the site along with the client id and secret, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that in v3. I am fine even with having to use my user credentials to log in somewhere if I knew how to push those credentials within the script to receive the proper authorization code back. It doesn't make sense to try to generate a refresh token as I would have to store the new one somewhere each time I run this script (either scheduled or manually).


I thought it made more sense to do this with v3, since I assume that v2 will be deprecated at some point but otherwise this seems like it is more trouble than it's worth. I also don't understand why there is not a flow for this as it seems like a rather common thing to need to access the endpoints programmatically without needing a web interface.

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