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Redirect uri not updating

Redirect uri not updating



I've tried emailing a couple times about this (the first time several days ago), but haven't received a response so thought I'd try here instead.


I have an app using your API that's been moved from development to production, and have consequently updated the callback uri for the app in


It reflects fine in the mashery interface, but the actual callback uri you're using is still the old one. So it still works fine in development (redirecting to the old callback uri after authorization), but doesn't work in production, instead we get an 'Invalid redirect' error and can't authorize anyone for Constant Contact as a result.


Please help! :)





Re: Redirect uri not updating

Hello Steve,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact API Support. I have sent you a private message here on the forum to get some more details from you about your issue.


David Bornstein
Tier II API Support Engineer

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