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Request for API key access

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Request for API key access

Regarding the following note from your developer faqs at

*Scheduling and Sending a Campaign*

The ability to deliver emails to a large group of people based on our

> reputation is a capability that we value dearly. We offer the ability to

> schedule and send campaigns through API, but this functionality is not

> available to everyone publicly. Instead, you need to be given a special

> permission from our AppConnect team in order to use this API. The

> requirements are not stringent; we just want to make sure that you are a

> legitimate sender and your use case does not hurt our reputation in order to

> ensure that we can continue to offer best-in-class deliverability for all of

> our customers' emails.

If you are interested in API for sending and scheduling campaigns in your

> application or integration, please email the AppConnect team, who will

> provide more details. Once you are given the permission, you will also

> receive documentation for this API directly from us.

If I understand correctly, we need to request a key for this API.

We're want to setup autoresponders from our appserver for our community sites to send emails automatically when a user joins the community or as notification when a user completes an offer on our end. These are templated emails sent automatically that are triggered by our app server, not what Constant Contact refers to as 'autoresponders' when they're talking about their email templates. Our emails will be going out in-language, so we'll need to support multiple versions of each email for every templated autoresponder

What I need to know is, a. how do I get the API key and b. is there a limit on the number of templated emails I can send using the API with my current account privileges.

I opened a ticket re: this problem with support which hasn't been answered, and I tried to get it resolved by phone. Your phone support suggested I use the forum to ask the question which is the only reason I"m posting it hear. Please help.



The only way to currently request the scheduling API is to email

When emailing that address, let them know you are interested and someone will contact you back shortly explaining the process.

There is currently no limitations on how many times you can use the API to send emails, as long as your account is not disabled at the time it is sending.


Benjamin Soder
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 I started asking this question of CC on 8/4. There was a dead link to your AppConnect site and then your regular support stalled my request for two days. I called in and was told a reply was forthcoming but to use the forums. Got an email the day before yesterday which I turned around immediately and still no reply. Is this a normal delay for getting an API key? My dev team is delaying an important release until we can get this resolved. Any suggestions for how I can get unstuck?


You can retrieve an API Key by clicking on the "API Keys" link at the top of the page. Once you've answered a couple of questions you should be presented with a key automatically. This can be done at any point and does not require any interaction with support. I took a look at your account and it does appear that you registered one earlier this morning, so I apologize for any confusion this caused.


Regarding the scheduling API, this typically does take some time for our AppConnect team to review, but they will be getting in touch with you. Again, I apologize for any inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thanks.

David J

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