Site Vistor API - Failure to Connect


Site Vistor API - Failure to Connect

I have roughly 7 sites failing to connect to CC through the legacy Site Visitor API (i know i need to update). I am using cURL library in PHP to connect. This code was working fine until a few days ago. I have made no updates to my code. (That leads me to think it is a problem at Constant Contact. )

  • My script is timing out. It gets no response from Constant Contact

  • When I type in the API URL into a web browser it works fine and adds the email successfully.

  • Now, I can "hit" the API through a GET request in a browser, but I cannot connect through PHP & cURL.

  • I've change the cURL URL to successfully connect to a site other than Constant Contact.

  • I've successfully run my script from another server

I'm at a loss for what the problem could be? I've double check my code (that hasn't changed, and works on another server). Could our server be black listed from CC?

Your help is much appreciated! I need to get this back up ASAP. As a side note: I am disappointed that there is no one at CC I can speak to on the phone regarding technical problems.

Thank you.
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