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Strange authorisation problem


Strange authorisation problem

Hi guys,


I've had a customer complaining they can't Auth in to their CC account via our plugin. I've tried with my own account login details and it connects and makes calls with no issues. Are there different levels of who's allowed API access or can accounts be blacklisted from Authenticating?


The customer obtained her own API keys/secrets and I used those in our app, I was *still* able to connect(to "her" app) with my login details but unable to connect with hers. It's driving me crazy trying to debug this so I figured it's time to hit the forums!


Any ideas or pointers in the right direction for me?


I can provide additional info as required.







It sounds like their account may be locked.  Sometimes this happens if someone tries to login with the wrong password several times.  Could you email us the affected username to webservices@constantcontact.com and reference the url of this post so that we can take a look to see if her account is locked?


The fact that you are able to use her API Key tells me that this most likely isn't an issue with your API Key having different permission levels than hers (permissions are stored by API Keys, not usernames).


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

Hi Shannon,


Thanks for this, I've done as requested.

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