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The Basic Error from cc_class.php....

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The Basic Error from cc_class.php....


I used the API to create a form in php to collect emails from my site and send to CC. However, when I went to test this new form at  http://www.kardwelldev.com/customplayingcards/catalog.php I got the error that said,

There was an error processing your request.

Please validate that your information is correct. Contact Us if this continues to be an issue.

That is fine but I need more specifics as to what is not working. I am assuming it is the email but, why is the email not working or sending to me.


Thanks for any help or advice on this,




Hi Paul,

I'm more than happy to help with this, but I would need to see the code that is being used on catalog.php as well as your cc_class.php. If you can either reply to this post with those files or send them in an email to our webservices support team, I will be happy to take a look and see if I can provide some feedback on what may be causing an error.

David J

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