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Re: Updating/Copying Campaign

Figured out what it was. There was an error in the php wrapper file in the campaignscollection class.


these two lines need to be modified in the createCampaignStruct function


        $campaign['vawp_link_text'] = ($parsedReturn->content->Campaign->ViewAsWebPageLinkText);
            $campaign['vawp_text'] = ($parsedReturn->content->Campaign->ViewAsWebPageText);



$campaign['vawp_link_text'] = ($parsedReturn->content->Campaign->ViewAsWebpageLinkText);
            $campaign['vawp_text'] = ($parsedReturn->content->Campaign->ViewAsWebpageText);


(the capital P in WebPage is incorrect).


I also wrote another function that crates the xml as a raw string rather than using the simple xml library which simply will not let you encode html into it if anybody wants it.

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Re: Updating/Copying Campaign



Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  I am going to fix this typo and reupload the wrapper.  If you have any questions please let me know.



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