don't have permission to create list

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don't have permission to create list



I've been using the mashery api successfully for a few years now.  All of a sudden I'm now getting the following error when the api tries to create an email list...


     'error_key' => 'user.privilege.forbidden',
     'error_message' => 'You dont have permission to perform this action; please see your account owner.',


Does anyone know why/how this could be happening?  Is it an expiration of my mashery account, or related to my constant contact account? 


I haven't changed any of the programming so I don't think it's a code thing, unless the api has changed and so my code doesn't work now...




Since we have been working on this issue via email, I wanted to post here for anyone who might find this by searching.


If you are seeing this message, it is likely caused by user roles as part of Constant Contact's recent Multi-User functionality. To get information about how user roles and their permissions affect the API, I would suggest reading this article:



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