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Welcome to the new Automation & Integrations Homepage!

CTCT Employee

Welcome to the new Automation & Integrations Homepage!

As the new product manager for our Automation Tools, I wanted to take the time to talk about our current tools, where we are with them, and where we are going.


Which features fall under Automation:

  • Autoresponder
  • Welcome Emails
  • Birthday & Anniversary Emails
  • Resend to Non-Openers


What’s right around the corner?

Starting this month and throughout January we will be rolling out some great improvements to how you automate emails.


A new type of automated series: Email Behavior Triggers! Start a series of emails to contacts based on how they engage with your trigger email; whether they just opened it, or if they click a specific link inside of that email.


A shiny new interface! Easier to read at a glance, quicker to set up,


Copy. You mean I can finally copy an automated series? Yes. No more recreating all your work from scratch. Note: this will only be the case for newly created series.


Where are we going?

With a renewed investment in building out our automation toolset, we are very excited to deliver more features and a better experience for you in 2019.


More flexibility and functionality. A typical series reads like this: “a contact does something, send an email, send an email, send an email”. We would like to spice up that formula and add more actions inside a series; for example, move contacts between lists, give them a specific contact detail or even add them to a different automated flow.


More trigger types. As we build more integrations with 3rd parties or encourage the use of our Segmentation tools, we want to make sure all those products tie in nicely with our automation tools.


Better reporting. With so many moving parts in an automated series, it can be hard to see if you are truly accomplishing the goal of that series. We want to give better insight into how a series is performing and provide suggestions on how to get more contacts through it.

With all that being said, I hope this forum can be a place for discussion about all things Automation. What types of campaigns do you use automation for? What has been working and what hasn’t? What types of features would you like to see in the future? How do you use our existing features in creative ways?


I’m looking forward to keeping in touch. Happy holidays and a happy new year!




Matt Breen
Product Manager, Automation