#55 - Ask Dave: Can I import purchased contacts into Constant Contact?


Thinking about importing purchased contacts into your Constant Contact account? In this episode, Dave Charest, director of small business success at Constant Contact, and Kelsi Carter, the team’s brand production coordinator, discuss why you should avoid importing purchased contacts into your account and how to grow your email list organically.


Listen in to hear how/why: 
  • Email marketing is permission-based and importing purchased contacts is not recommended due to regulations, ethics, and effectiveness.
  • Purchased contact lists can damage a business's reputation and sender status, and are against Constant Contact's terms of service.
  • Organic list building is the best approach to email marketing, using sign-up tools and offering incentives to attract subscribers.
  • The success of email marketing depends on the quality of the contact list and the relevance of the content.
  • Constant Contact provides various tools to collect email addresses and grow lists organically.

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