3GE Editor Updates


Hi, everyone!


There have been a few updates to the 3rd generation editor, so I'd like to take a moment to discuss what those are. I'll also include a brief video at the end to show exactly how the updates function. 


-The elements outlined in the following image are all what we call "stackable." This means that you can drag any of them into place in either a one or two column template. 

stackable elements.png


-If you've dragged a Spacer element into your campaign and want to resize it, just place your mouse over it and look for the "grab handle." The grab handle is a more thickly outlined blue area on the bottom of the spacer. You can click on that to drag the spacer and resize it as you need. 


-The Spacer and Divider elements now have trash can icons, just click on the element in your campaign and you should see the trash can icon in the edit toolbar. 


-The text toolbar now has all of the alignment options grouped into a drop down menu. 


-The Greeting tag is now located in the Insert Drop Down menu, which is in the edit toolbar, like this:

greeting tag.png


We do plan on introducing more features to the Insert Drop Down Menu, and when that occurs I'll post to let everyone know. 


If you have any questions about these features please don't hesitate to ask, and you can also take a quick look at the video below to see these functions in action. 

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please can you send me the download link of third generation editor...


Hi Adi5555,


If you email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username and a reference to this post we can take a look at your account and get you switched to the third-generation editor. 

Consulting & Training

Nick S. of Constant Contact writes:


"I appreciate you coming to the Community to voice your feedback. I understand how this feature would benefit the work you are trying to accomplish. Our product teams are developing a road map for new features to be implemented in the future and really appreciate feedback and concerns like this. I will make sure this feedback is attached to your account and I encourage you to share any other ideas or concerns with us. "


Thanks for the platitudes/corporate line, but here's a bold, crazy idea from a 12-year CC power user: How about leaving the 2nd Gen email editor alone until AFTER those features are added to the 3rd Gen email editor?


Your customers can't wait for some glorious day when the Gen3 editor might actually meets our needs. While you are "appreciating our concern" and "making sure to pass along our feedback," we still need to send emails. And let's face it. The stripped down Gen3 editor lacks essential features, such as the ability to tweak the HTML without losing the benefits of drag and drop editing.  CC can yammer on about why the change to Gen3 is such a good thing, helps with compliance, blah, blah, blah. But, as the many comments on this forum demonstrate, we're not buying it. Your customers still want and need the features available in Gen2. And we need those capabilities NOW, not when (if ever) you have finished developing your "road map."


Frankly, given the outcry about this (are you listening, CC?), the only "road map" many of your customers will follow is the one that takes us to a different provider.