4 Ways to Segment Your Email List to Get the Right Message to the Right Audience [Discussion]


If you’ve been using email marketing for a while, you might have come across the term segmentation.


It’s a marketing term that simply means, dividing people into groups based on information like interests, demographics, or their preferences on products or services.


It's important that the right people get the right content for what they're looking for. Consider these 4 ways to segment your email list


How do you break up your email lists? What suggestions would you have for someone just getting started?

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how do you segment when your email list is too fragmented to do so?  Meaning readership depends on who current (active) subscribers are over a wide mileage area but yet central enough not to provide anything notable for segmentation except for city located (very rural based), we don't sell anything so don't segment based on purchasing behavior, and all readership is based on the same relationship.  (we already have different lists/output for the different relationships) 


Hi @KimM7283


These are great questions! However it sounds like the segmentation options this post focuses on might not be helpful for you because your contacts are fragmented. Have you tried using our Segments feature under the Contacts tab of your account? Because your contacts don't fall under the four previously mentioned categories, you can always try to segment them based on email activity. This activity can be based on contacts opening or not opening your emails, even clicking on any important links you may have sent. 

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Thanks! I will check out the link.  And yes, I do review the campaign link click and email open lists.  Thanks again! 


Hi @KimM7283


You're very welcome! Please let us know if you have any further questions as you continue to look into these options further.


I get segmentation but does that mean I create different content for each segment? Seems likes it triples my work. So I create a weekly update from my department that goes out to our community. It has safety information, crime report, save the dates, tips for seniors, etc. Is it recommended that each of these become their own segments? Do I pick who gets what or is there an algorithm?


Hi @MarcelleH7 


The original post in this thread focuses on segmenting your contacts into different lists based on their interests. Doing this would definitely be helpful because segments allow you to avoid sending a bulk email and send emails based on their interest instead. So you are correct, you would have to create different content based on the segment. However depending on what you have stored in your contact details, dynamic content blocks will be helpful as well. These blocks allow you to create one email with relevant content appearing for specific contacts to show based on their stored details.

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I have a unique situation.

I sell one product. 3 levels.

My base is either prospects or customers with a possible upgrade.

My product is a set of services that protects the CDL drivers' right to drive.

2 tickets in 3 years and he is subject to a 60 day suspension...Federal law.

Our reputation is such that we are the only Legal service allowed to market in the 5 major truck stops.

Out of ~ 1,000 email addresses, I have a click rate of 20-30%.

I produce timely articles of interest that are of value to the industry.

There are 17 other benefits that protect the driver, spouse and children.

Dental, vision (glasses) Rx Drugs, $50,000 life assurance policy, Fight the ticket for the spouse, roadside assistance for all vehicles, unlimited, and maybe a dozen more.

All at an affordable price ($1.80/day) and tax deductible.

Where do I find my "HOOK"??

Some sort of giveaway, a contest, a drawing, these drivers are no nonsense professionals.

But they are also the breadwinners.

Many are owner/operators and small fleet owners.


Besides the legal aspects, TVC offers a very pleasant fuel discount program with members saving in excess of $800-$900 a month in fuel cost.

That pays almost +70% of their lease payment.


They now have a green number on their bottom line.


Where is their Hot Button??

Thanks for listening




I hope I have not offended anyone.

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Update on my TVC Legal service numbers...

 Open rate....Click rate


Hi @BENP214 


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! Just to clarify, are you looking to increase your contact engagement? Based on the ratings you've shared I can see your open rate is good but the click rate is low. Through a closer look at some of your most recent emails we were able to notice you don't have call-to-actions. What do they want the drivers to do once they open the email? Also, the review section at the bottom of your email isn't linked to anything. Including a call-to-action as well as this link to your review section can help raise your engagement through the campaign's click rate.


We are a company of 3 galleries but we have one list. Is there a way to segment our existing list - perhaps by creating a 'preference' form within a newsletter so recipients can choose which gallery they would like to receive news from? 


Hi @Granary_Gallery have you tried inserting a poll? You can insert a poll block into one of your emails to see which gallery they prefer to hear from. Through your poll results you can then add contacts to a specific list based on their response. I would even suggest customizing your update profile form. Doing this will allow contacts to unsubscribe from a specific list rather than your whole account.


Thanks for this article, very useful information. It really helps a lot

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I am looking into segmenting my lists based on engagement. I see where I can create segments based on engagement that is "Low", "Moderate" or "High", as well as "Everyone Else", but I don't know how you are defining those terms. Please let me know what you consider to be low, moderate and high engagement.




Hi @Clairebear that’s a great question! These levels of engagement are based on contacts who had more than 2 successful sends within the past 30-365 days. It’s then calculated through a weighted average of the open rate and click rate. Contacts are then labeled high, moderate or low based on where they score with this average. Any addresses labeled as everyone else are contacts where no score was calculated.