Add a Trackable Coupon to an Email Created with the Third Generation Editor [Discussion]


Coupons are an enticing way to generate sales when business is slow, you have overstock, or when you're trying to attract seasonal customers away from your competitors.


All you have to do is drag a Coupon block into your email to get started. Your contacts receive an email with an offer that they can claim by entering their email address and then redeem at the point of sale (POS).


Interested to learn how you can add a trackable coupon in an email? Learn more in our Knowledge Base. If you have any questions, ask below!

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Question- . How do I add each unique coupon codes to my website so each customer can redeem them on my website? Is there a trick? I just sent 3300 emails with unique coupon codes and NON of them will work on my site ... EEK. Thanks for the help ASAP, Wendy

Hello Wenanne! We have a few ways to redeem your coupons. We have a great mobile app which includes a coupon redemption feature to automatically update your coupon’s reporting in your account. If you were looking to add your coupon codes to a point of sales system this would need to be done manually. All of the unique codes will be found on your coupon’s reporting page and this information can even be exported into a spread sheet with your contacts information and their unique code as well.


I created a coupon and embedded the url into an email blast with a link in my email.  I copied the claim and the coupon bc I wanted to extend it.  When I went in and changed the coupon exp date to 12-31 from 12-21 (default), I saved it and then published the coupon and the email but the exp date defaulted back to 12-21.  Is this a known issue with the coupon function?


Hi @RodneyM3


So sorry to hear this has happened with your coupon! This is not a known issue with our coupon campaigns. In fact, I took a look at active coupon and can see it's expiration date does say 12-31. Does your coupon campaign still show this incorrect date for you?

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We regularly sell ad space on our email newsletters, and sometimes that includes coupons. Would this be a feature that could work with third-party coupons (like 35% off a service at a local spa) or will it only work for in-house coupons? I'm afraid I don't understand how the QR code gets linked with the specific deal at the register, and reading through the Knowledge Base hasn't helped in that regard.


Hello @DavidA719,


The tool is designed to work by updating a database inside your constant contact account, or by integrating directly with a Point of sale system.  It seems that if you're sending out coupons for others, it would be difficult to get them proper access to your account, and I doubt they would want to grant you the needed access to their point of sale system.  In short, it's possible to make this work, but it would require a lot of trust and cooperation between the two groups, and is likely only viable if they are planning on repeatedly doing the same kinds of advertisements in the future.