Add an Eventbrite Event to an Email Created with the Third-Generation Editor [Discussion]


Using Eventbrite to create your events? Drag an Eventbrite block into your email to promote your event to your existing contacts or send targeted emails to your Eventbrite contacts. Once your Eventbrite account is synced, all you have to do is choose your event and then send your email.


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Does click rate no longer (never?) counts links to Eventbrite? I was troubled by our 0% click rate, but noticed an increase of RSVPs, and several event participants told me they clicked on the link to Eventbrite and registered for the event.


 Hello @ISPTSA-News,


Thank you for coming to the community with your questions!  I'm not seeing other reports of those links not tracking correctly, but we'd be happy to look into it further and figure out why that reporting seems inaccurate.  If you send an email to social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, and the email that has the incorrect reporting, we'll help as best we can.



Hello @Aaron_H,


Thank you for your reply and the helpful social_support@ -- the URL we included was a tracking link so it wasn't counted correctly. Our fault, oops! Will make sure to include direct Eventbrite links from now on.


Thanks again!


Hello @ISPTSA-News


Glad we could help! Please feel free to reach back out to us if you have any more questions. 


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Is it possible to change the button text on an Eventbrite block from, what I think is the default, "Tickets" to something else such as "Register"?


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Hello @KeywaT

Currently, it is not possible to change the text that displays on the Eventbrite action block. I can definitely pass along the request to our developers though! They are always updating the product and love to hear customer feedback. Let us know if you need anything else!


If I use constant contact to send an email with an eventbrite block can I resend that email to non-responders only?


Hello @MicheleM73037

We do have a resend to non-openers option on the send page of your account. If you are looking to resend to the people who have not registered for your event, you will have to export that list from Eventbrite, then import to a new list in your account. You can then copy your old email or create a new one and send to that list. If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out. 


What kind of Eventbrite access is needed to use the Eventbrite Action Block. Can Eventbrite subusers utilize this to promote the events that they manage? 


Hi @JanyneK251 

The good news is you can connect a sub-user to an Eventbrite action block. However if this sub-user does not have access to all events, they will receive an error message stating "Unable to Access Events" when trying to connect and add an event to an Eventbrite block. If you do receive this message, we suggest connecting to the main administrator Eventbrite account instead. Another workaround is having the main administrator of your Eventbrite account change the permissions of this sub-user to have access to all events.