Adding Multiple Users To Your Account


UpdatedMarch 2018


Many account owners find the need to give others access to their Constant Contact account, however some may be afraid to give full access to personal and/or sensitive information stored within the account. Fear no more! It is now possible for you to create additional user log-ins for your account with varying levels of access and provide them with their own login credentials.

You can assign a role to your additional users to restrict their access in the account while allowing them to contribute to the campaign.  The roles available for your account are:

There are different ways each user will be limited depends on the assigned role. If you're not sure which role to assign to someone, check out what an Account Manager can do, and what a Campaign Creator can do.

The number of additional users available depends on your pricing package. See how many users you can add by going to the upper right corner of your screen and clicking the Profile Icon and then Plans & Pricing.

As an account owner, you can add additional users to your account, edit the user information, and deactivate users that no longer need access (they can be reactivated later).   Here is how:

  1. Click the Profile Icon and then My Account.
  2.  On the right-hand side, click "Add Users" or “Manage Users” in the Account User section depending on what you want to do..
    Add users
  3.  Fill out the required fields for the new user, including selecting their role, then click Save.
    MY account

    Now you have multiple people able to use your account but without you having to give out your login credentials.  


Is there any way to increase the number of active users above 10?

We have more than 10 people in our office who create and send emails through Constant Contact.


Hi @GabrielaJ 


At this time we do not have the ability to have more than 10 active users within an account. But please Vote for this Idea here in our Idea Forums.


This is a function we need as well.  I am looking at hiring an outside contractor to assist with the writing of our campaigns.  If Constant Contact cannot limit access to our contact list, we will likely have to switch to another service.  Are there any plans to add this security feature?

@ChauncyS wrote:

Are we able to limit their interaction with the Contact List


I am trying to add a user. I have filled out all the required fields, but I see a "Error adding user " error, with no explanation as to what is needed. Thanks for your help.



I apologize for the frustrations! I have taken a look into the account and attempted to recreate the issue from my end but was unable to. You will see a user in there as "iwheeler. I am inactive as I deactivated my user after activating it. Since I was able to add a user and didn't receive the same error message you referred to. 


This leads me to believe is may be a browser related issue specifically. What I'd ask is that you first restart your browser and see if that works. If not, if you could try an alternative browser if possible, that is another great troubleshooting step. I am working within Google Chrome and everything worked just fine. If you do not have an alternative browser and restarting does not help, you can run your browser without add ons enabled. I have provided you a direct link with steps on how to do so, no matter your browser. 


What this will do is run your browser without any add ons, extensions, or plugins. These features are frequently downloaded into our browser over time and can cause minor issues like the one we're running into. If this helps, we can then use trial and error to see which exact extension or plug in is causing the issue.


Hope this helps!,

Ian W




Thanks for looking into this. I spoke on the phone with CC support, and after this was escalated to the next tier, it was found that this problem occurs when trying to add a user with a password that's the same as the username. So I hope that the error message can be changed to something more descriptive.


On a related note, it is pretty unusual to have a user management system that doesn't allow for the deletion of users!






I'm glad to hear that our Support Team was able to assist you. Do you mind sharing your feedback here? This way it will be seen by those who work within this area and can make it better for you!


Thanks again!

How do we add users please?

Hi Cherie,

Great question! Adding users to your account is a good way to keep your information seperate from any other users in the account. For directions on how to add a user check out this post by @Juan_R : Adding Account Multi-Users.


Hope this helps,



I am wondering if there is a way to give an associate limited access to my Constant Contact info. I would like them to be able to create newsletters, but not have access to my contacts personal e-mails. I apologize if this has been addressed, but all I could find when I searched was a post from 2006. I'd like to think there may have been an update since then. Thanks!

Regular Participant

No change to different levels of permission in 8 years.  


Hello @TammyK22 


At this time we do not have a way to limit access to additional users on the account. We certainly take your feedback seriously and I highly suggest leaving some for us with the feedback button in your account


User roles have definitely been a hot topic and there has been some conversation about how we will implement it in the future but as of this time no concrete dates or information. 


Thank you for posting!

Occasional Participant

Yes, I too could definitely use additional roles for multiple users!  Please implement this option as not all users need or should have full permissions, yet they need access to the account to view reports, make some edits, add contact lists, etc. The sooner the better!  Thank you! 


HI @LisaS8858


Thanks for your feedback. Would you please submit/vote on the idea for this in our Roles and Account Details Feedback Board?


Thanks in advance!

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I voted. :smileyface:


Awesome! Thanks for helping us to get the features that you want!

We have 2 users listed for our nonprofit. I need to add another user and can't find the place to do that. Are we limited to 2?

Hi @KarenK667 

As long as you are logged in as the account owner you can add a new user by clicking My Account > Manage My Users. 


Hope this helps, 

I tried from a mac and PC and can't add a second user. System just hangs. Not good.
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How do I add a second person to be able to add/edit emails for this account? Teresa McMahan