Augment Your Marketing With Email Plus: Automation & Action Blocks


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UPDATE: The Giveaway is now closed! We will be selecting and notifying the winner in the next week. Thank you so much to everyone who participated and showed interest in what Email Plus has to offer. We hope that even if you do not win, you'll consider giving Email Plus a shot anyway! 


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We're excited about the features available in Email Plus and we want people to know! From December 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, we are running a giveaway for our Email Plus package. One lucky winner will get three free months (up to $1,000) of Email Plus! We welcome everyone to participate, but you must have a Constant Contact trial account, Email plan account, or Email Plus account to enter. This will allow you to post on the Constant Contact User Community. Keep in mind, after the first three months have ended, the potential winner will automatically be charged the current retail price for the Email Plus product unless they cancel their accounts or the applicable product.


How to enter? Post a reply to this article. That's it!


We'd love to hear about how Constant Contact has impacted your business, your favorite features, or any questions you have regarding Email Plus features. We will be monitoring this thread for activity, so post away! 




Seeing is believing, right? But how do you go from seeing to believing? Building your brand and getting your message out there is one half of the initiative, but ultimately what we want is for our audience to engage with us. How do we create opportunities for engagement?


Email Plus. The plan that takes your marketing to the next level. Email Plus offers a whole suite of products and features you can’t access in the standard plan There’s a lot to dig into, but let’s focus on a couple of great features this time around: Email Automation and Action Blocks.


Email Automation


For most small business owners, marketing can take a backseat to actually running a business. You only have so much time in a day. We say, let it take a backseat! Email Automation is a way for businesses to stay engaged with their contacts without having to be chained to the computer all the time. Some ways in which you can engage your audience with automation include:


  • Welcome Emails - Introduce your brand with a big splash, welcoming your new audience members to the fold. You can craft multiple Welcome Emails if you have a diverse contact portfolio and set the email to trigger when they sign up.


  • Birthdays/Anniversaries - Who doesn’t like being celebrated? Of course, if you cater to hundreds or thousands of people it can be hard to keep track of all those birthdays! Email Plus makes it easy with birthday reminders and anniversary callouts (i.e. as when they first joined your mailing list). Use these as opportunities to offer special promotions!


Action Blocks


The email is opened, but how do you prolong the moment before you end up in the pile of read emails? Action Blocks drive… action! Whether you’re launching your monthly newsletter or promoting an upcoming event, Action Blocks create opportunities for your audience to follow up with you. For example:


  • Eventbrite Action Block - Integrate with your Eventbrite account and drop your upcoming event right into your email! Reporting allows you to see how many tickets were generated from your email promotion. 


  • Donation Action Block - This block is especially helpful to nonprofits. It may look simple on the outside, but after clicking, the contact is taken to a customized landing page where they can make a donation. Drive traffic to the causes that matter most to you! 

Visibility is great, but engagement drives results! Try out Email Plus today and take your email marketing to the next level.

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I switched to Constant Contact about three months ago. I love that my emails went from an average of low teens percentage opens to the 30% or more opens and the clicks are right there behind! It is so easy to add segments and create emails. Thanks for helping my business grow just in these three months! I would really like to see poll options in the automations and links to the landing pages.


I love creating my monthly newsletters! The campaign features are really easy to use and the designs of the templates are amazing! I like that I can create and send a newsletter to hundreds of subscribers in just a few minutes. Thank you! 

I've just sent my 2nd campaign today! Can't wait to see the results!


We enjoy sending our marketing emails through Constant Contact. This year it has really helped us streamline our registration process for training classes. We notice people are signing up shortly after we send the emails, which is really exciting. We like the RSVP and Poll action blocks, but don't use them much because we can't fully customize them. If these action blocks didn't have so many limitations, we would use them a lot more. Thank you for running this contest!

New Member

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Occasional Visitor

Using constant contact has made it extremely simple for me to keep me members and clients informed of everything going on in my business. I pretty much do all my own email marketing, and CC’s interface is super simple to understand which makes my day a loooot easier. 

The customer support staff is also great and super knowledgeable! Anytime I need help, they’ve been able to help me with the issue seamlessly and friendly

Occasional Visitor

Recently, I have started to use Constant Contact. Features seems to be interesting. A win here will surely make me a regular customer.

Occasional Contributor

Admittedly, I have occasionally poked at those other email platforms in the quest for the 'best' for my business. Everytime, I lean back and smile for already having the best platform in Constant Contact. Joe

Occasional Visitor

Marketing is an entirely new learning curve for me.  Constant Contact has been a fantastic resource to improve my ability to enter this arena.

New Member

Constant Contact has streamlined my marketing emails. It is so easy to use and has helped me stay in touch with customers without requiring a lot of my time. I am interested to try the  email automations.

New Member

Would love to win!!

Regular Visitor

Hey Nick,

We have been using Constant Contact for around a decade now, it really works well for our small business!

We love all of the features that are available to personalize our campaigns, and how easy it is to navigate.

It would be awesome to take advantage of 3 free months of the E-mail Plus Package - We know our customers will appreciate it too!

Thank you for your consideration & Happy Holidays,

Amanda & The Meat Shoppe, by Arctic Foods


It won't be bad for me to test!


Our organization has been using CC for our email marketing for years.  We are continually seeking ways to improve our audience engagement and digital marketing and welcome information about new features that will help us achieve our goals!


Constant Contact's integration with the Mindbody program we use at our yoga studio makes it super convenient! Creating newsletters and keeping track of our database of clients is a snap with all of your features. Thanks for creating and supporting a great program!

Senior Member

We love all of the new features your team keeps enhancing. We would love some of the old advanced features back too! We would love to have advanced options back on mailto links instead of having to code it into a small box that we cannot expand. Keep up the great work.

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Good morning Nick. Our team at Fluence Automation was speaking about starting a trial at Constant Contact just as one of your email blasts came in to my inbox! It was an amazing coincidence. We look forward to seeing how the trial treats us. So far, support has been extremely prompt and very knowledgeable. Thank you for the help, CC!

Occasional Visitor

Love the features to put together an email, email automation & creating a survey! Quick question (and I keep meaning to call but then get too busy - the holidays!): Is there a report to see which recipients haven't opened anything from us in the last 3-6 months? Or a way to easily segment those contacts to a new list?

New Member

My team and I are excited to be joining CC.  We have seen it used by other professionals in our area, and love the ease and professional look it gives.  We cannot wait to use this product regularly!  


Constant Contact has been a life saver! With 13,000+ internal employees and 13,000+ external donors, Constant Contact has been a huge help in saving me time, energy, and my sanity. As a one-woman marketing/communication person for our Foundations, things tend to get crazy.


Three free months would help make the 2020 start that much more promising and would be exciting to share with my co-workers who still try to tell me to check out other email marketing platforms (they don't know what they're talking about ). 


I look forward to the wonderful 2020 updates for Constant Contact and cannot wait to see who won. Good luck, everyone!


Erin Buchs