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Augment Your Marketing With Email Plus: Automation & Action Blocks


Email Plus Giveaway

UPDATE: The Giveaway is now closed! We will be selecting and notifying the winner in the next week. Thank you so much to everyone who participated and showed interest in what Email Plus has to offer. We hope that even if you do not win, you'll consider giving Email Plus a shot anyway! 


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We're excited about the features available in Email Plus and we want people to know! From December 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, we are running a giveaway for our Email Plus package. One lucky winner will get three free months (up to $1,000) of Email Plus! We welcome everyone to participate, but you must have a Constant Contact trial account, Email plan account, or Email Plus account to enter. This will allow you to post on the Constant Contact User Community. Keep in mind, after the first three months have ended, the potential winner will automatically be charged the current retail price for the Email Plus product unless they cancel their accounts or the applicable product.


How to enter? Post a reply to this article. That's it!


We'd love to hear about how Constant Contact has impacted your business, your favorite features, or any questions you have regarding Email Plus features. We will be monitoring this thread for activity, so post away! 




Seeing is believing, right? But how do you go from seeing to believing? Building your brand and getting your message out there is one half of the initiative, but ultimately what we want is for our audience to engage with us. How do we create opportunities for engagement?


Email Plus. The plan that takes your marketing to the next level. Email Plus offers a whole suite of products and features you can’t access in the standard plan There’s a lot to dig into, but let’s focus on a couple of great features this time around: Email Automation and Action Blocks.


Email Automation


For most small business owners, marketing can take a backseat to actually running a business. You only have so much time in a day. We say, let it take a backseat! Email Automation is a way for businesses to stay engaged with their contacts without having to be chained to the computer all the time. Some ways in which you can engage your audience with automation include:


  • Welcome Emails - Introduce your brand with a big splash, welcoming your new audience members to the fold. You can craft multiple Welcome Emails if you have a diverse contact portfolio and set the email to trigger when they sign up.


  • Birthdays/Anniversaries - Who doesn’t like being celebrated? Of course, if you cater to hundreds or thousands of people it can be hard to keep track of all those birthdays! Email Plus makes it easy with birthday reminders and anniversary callouts (i.e. as when they first joined your mailing list). Use these as opportunities to offer special promotions!


Action Blocks


The email is opened, but how do you prolong the moment before you end up in the pile of read emails? Action Blocks drive… action! Whether you’re launching your monthly newsletter or promoting an upcoming event, Action Blocks create opportunities for your audience to follow up with you. For example:


  • Eventbrite Action Block - Integrate with your Eventbrite account and drop your upcoming event right into your email! Reporting allows you to see how many tickets were generated from your email promotion. 


  • Donation Action Block - This block is especially helpful to nonprofits. It may look simple on the outside, but after clicking, the contact is taken to a customized landing page where they can make a donation. Drive traffic to the causes that matter most to you! 

Visibility is great, but engagement drives results! Try out Email Plus today and take your email marketing to the next level.

Occasional Visitor

Small, handmade seller here... count me IN, please!

Sign me up! I haven't done much with it yet, and not seen any tangible result. But, with a few more tools at my fingertips, and some guidance as to what to send; who knows?

Count me in!


Brand new to Constant Contact but what I can say is that C.C has made email marketing more fun! 


Thank you,

PattyAngel Somerville

Joshua Tree National Park Association

New Member

I love the automated email options and need to use this more for travel newsletters.


Thank you


Occasional Visitor

Thank you for the opportunity. We are new to constant contact, we are uploading our contacts and look forward to begining our email campaigns.

Occasional Visitor

I'm new to Constant Contact and would love to upgrade to Email Plus! I am a nail tech trying this site to increase business. I like how I can check how many clients or potential clients have opened my emails and who has unsubscribed. Seems to be a fairly easy system to make new campaigns and so far I'm liking it.

Haute & Sassy Nails-Joni

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This would be great for our business ~ Thanks!


Sounds good - I am ready to win!

New Member

Sounds good.. is this the reply you looking for regarding the Email Plus package promotion?  One lucky winner will get three free months (up to $1,000) of Email Plus!

Occasional Visitor

Fairly new insurance agent that is squarely focused on marketing while building our small business. It appears this email solution would drive engagement and growth relative to our brand. 


Throwing our hat in the ring! 




I recently reimplemented constant contact into my advertising and social media marketing. I also have a constant contact website, which by the way is simple to use and looks AMAZING! I love that everything is in one place and support helps you walk through the process so seamlessly if you need help. Get tools for any business!

Occasional Visitor

I'm the owner of a small company that sells products/devices to the cosmetic and dermatology market. Constant Contact has been a great tool to help educate our clients and prospects about the innovative products we provide! Would love to try Email Plus!


Happy Holidays!


We've been using CC since 2015 and love it! It would be great to win the Email Plus Giveaway

New Member
Ready for the win!

My religious community just started using CC in August and we love it.  It helps with marketing events at our retreat center, communicating with women who may be interested in religious life, communicating with our donor base and more!  Am interested in exploring the email plus option!

New Member

We here at Epic RV Liquidators have just joined the CC team. Looking forward to building a better business through this collaboration. Looking Forward always, in all ways!!

Occasional Visitor

New to Constant Contact but loving the transition!

Senior Member

Ready for the win!

I have been a long-time user and recently started building 2 new websites through your platform.

Happy Holidays!

Regular Visitor

Hi - I am new to Constant Contact. Just sent my first bulk email to clients - I am not great at this... but Constant Contact made it easy. And their support team (by phone!) is great.


Thanks for a great site. Look forward to working with you.

Janice Tira