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We're excited about the features available in Email Plus and we want people to know! From December 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019, we are running a giveaway for our Email Plus package. One lucky winner will get three free months (up to $1,000) of Email Plus! We welcome everyone to participate, but you must have a Constant Contact trial account, Email plan account, or Email Plus account to enter. This will allow you to post on the Constant Contact User Community. Keep in mind, after the first three months have ended, the potential winner will automatically be charged the current retail price for the Email Plus product unless they cancel their accounts or the applicable product.


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We'd love to hear about how Constant Contact has impacted your business, your favorite features, or any questions you have regarding Email Plus features. We will be monitoring this thread for activity, so post away! 




Seeing is believing, right? But how do you go from seeing to believing? Building your brand and getting your message out there is one half of the initiative, but ultimately what we want is for our audience to engage with us. How do we create opportunities for engagement?


Email Plus. The plan that takes your marketing to the next level. Email Plus offers a whole suite of products and features you can’t access in the standard plan There’s a lot to dig into, but let’s focus on a couple of great features this time around: Email Automation and Action Blocks.


Email Automation


For most small business owners, marketing can take a backseat to actually running a business. You only have so much time in a day. We say, let it take a backseat! Email Automation is a way for businesses to stay engaged with their contacts without having to be chained to the computer all the time. Some ways in which you can engage your audience with automation include:


  • Welcome Emails - Introduce your brand with a big splash, welcoming your new audience members to the fold. You can craft multiple Welcome Emails if you have a diverse contact portfolio and set the email to trigger when they sign up.


  • Birthdays/Anniversaries - Who doesn’t like being celebrated? Of course, if you cater to hundreds or thousands of people it can be hard to keep track of all those birthdays! Email Plus makes it easy with birthday reminders and anniversary callouts (i.e. as when they first joined your mailing list). Use these as opportunities to offer special promotions!


Action Blocks


The email is opened, but how do you prolong the moment before you end up in the pile of read emails? Action Blocks drive… action! Whether you’re launching your monthly newsletter or promoting an upcoming event, Action Blocks create opportunities for your audience to follow up with you. For example:


  • Eventbrite Action Block - Integrate with your Eventbrite account and drop your upcoming event right into your email! Reporting allows you to see how many tickets were generated from your email promotion. 


  • Donation Action Block - This block is especially helpful to nonprofits. It may look simple on the outside, but after clicking, the contact is taken to a customized landing page where they can make a donation. Drive traffic to the causes that matter most to you! 

Visibility is great, but engagement drives results! Try out Email Plus today and take your email marketing to the next level.

New Member

Very helpful


We have been using the CC for a while now. We found the platform very user-friendly and driving the results. However, there are some areas for improvements in design and reporting features. 


Would love to win the trial for the Email Plus package!  

Frequent Visitor

Hey Nick so I am kind of new to all this email marketing. Iam not sure if this email plus would benefit me but I thought I would give it a whirl anyway Thank you. 

Regular Visitor

We recently upgraded our free account and are planning to use CC for our business to business emails. (Our customer emails are a bit more complicated.) We are putting together lists of teachers, small businesses, churches and others for external marketing.

Occasional Visitor

We would love the opportunity to try out email plus!  New event company in Los Angeles!

Occasional Visitor

I just signed up with constant contact today and am really looking forward to exploring your features and building my email list! 

I find it super easy to use, so glad I joined!


OK, enter me


Occasional Visitor

I’ve been using Constant Contact’s email automation for about 6 months now. I love the company; the “Early Success” team provides awesome customer support.

Frequent Visitor

Hi Nick!


I have been tempted to upgrade. Would enjoy an opportunity to try it out. 


Thank you, Constant Contact! 

Occasional Visitor

Hello everyone, since starting my blog at and am loving Constant Contact as my email provider. I would love to get the chance to win the email plus to see how much further I can go!


Who wouldn't want to reach more people in a better way with upgraded email options and really get in touch with my readers or customers? I'd love to win!  


I have been using Constant Contact for years (and years!). I'm looking forward to redesigning my newsletter and approach for 2020.  Thanks

Frequent Visitor



I'm currently using CC, I'm learning a lot and you guys offer excellent customer service.  Shout out to Marty and Kathrine.  

Regular Visitor

Still trying to figure out all the additional features of Email-Plus and how it might help us.

All Star

A long-time user of Constant Contact for our non-profit organization, here.  Would love to share input regarding new/upgraded features and three months of Email Plus would really help our organization.  Thanks!

Occasional Visitor

One of my frustrations with Constant Contact has been the lack of TABS.  Is this ever going to be added?

Occasional Visitor

My  little Company has used Constant Contact off and on for years. We have also advised clients during consulting the importance of email correspondence and using a reputable company, and to this day recommending Constant Contact.. The additions and  improvements have changed over the years and are so valuable. Plus, Constant Contact always remembers you too. With that to note, we have rarely had a unsubscriber and I credit that to our professional and customer service excellence and Constant Contact fills a huge part of our communication skills with both Professional and Consumer clients. Thank you Constant Contact.

Occasional Visitor

I would love to explore the features of email plus. I operate a small business as a 1 person team and it's really helpful to have automated emails that keep my clients interested and to get the attention of those who may have fallen by the wayside. 


Hi @BarbaraW707 


I apologize for any convenience caused from this tab feature not being available in our system! Though it is not currently available, it is a feature request we are collecting feedback on. A feature request that I have tracked in your account and submitted to our engineers on your behalf. As a workaround in the meantime we have seen users copy text that includes a tab from an external source and into our editor. Doing this will allow our system to convert the tab to non-breaking spaces. You can also add underscores and change the font color to match the background color.


I'd love to take advantage of this awesome prize with our database!  Thanks for the opportunity.