Automated Welcome Series - Get the most out of your new contacts!

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Why use an autoresponder welcome series?  

Sending a single welcome email to new contacts is important and impactful. In fact, almost 75% of consumers expect a welcome email when they sign up, welcome emails are 86% more effective than email newsletters, and they generate 320% more revenue than other promotional emails.


But, you can build upon the success of your single welcome email with an automated series of emails to nurture your new contacts effectively. Lead nurturing emails get 4-10 times the response rate compared to email newsletters and those that automate a series of emails to welcome new contacts see a 13% increase in revenue compared to the original welcome email.


Did you know? Nurtured contacts make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured contacts!

What we offer:

Whether you go at it on your own or you use our professional services team, we have the tools to get you started.


2017-05-18_1306.pngGet started right, get started fast.

Our design team will create a series of up to 3 autoresponder emails to match your brand and drive specific action from your new contacts to save you time and get you off to a great start.

Choose_series.pngChoose the Autoresponder series that fits your needs.

We’ve designed content to accomplish a variety of goals. Our marketing team will help you select the right content for each email in your autoresponder series to maximize the specific results you need.

delivery_schedule.pngCustomize your autoresponder delivery schedule. Make the autoresponder series your own by tailoring the email delivery options that match the needs of your business and preferences of your contacts.


See how all your autoresponder emails are performing and use the insights you gain from responses to further enhance the effectiveness of your marketing.


For $79 our team will create a branded, professional looking series just for you!



The autoresponder welcome series is a part of the Email Plus Package. Find out what else is included here.


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