CXO: Not Just An Empty Tagline.


We’ve all worked with companies who have the standard issue taglines about “putting the customer first,” “the customer is always right,” or some variation on that theme.


But how many businesses or vendors do you know where you, the customer, is actively sought out to provide your direct feedback to the people in that business who are actually empowered to make the changes you want or need? And you don’t even need to leave your office or business to do it.


We’re not talking about your standard issue in-product surveys or boring, third-party focus groups.


We think it’s so important to collect direct feedback from the people who use our products every day that we created an entire program to be sure it happens.


We call it the Customer Experience Outreach (“CXO”) program.


So, what’s it all about?


Our software engineers, researchers, and designers, from the newest employee to the longest-tenured, and from the least senior on up to the General Manager/CEO, all participate. No one is too busy or high up in the food chain to take time to meet our users.


Some of our product folks on a customer visit.Some of our product folks on a customer visit.

The purpose is to physically leave our desks, drop our assumptions of what we think our customers want at the door on the way out, and go ask our users how we can or should be building better products to enable small businesses and nonprofits to do more.


Simply put, we are happy to travel to you, our customer, and sit down with you to learn about your business firsthand and understand how you use our products. The conversations enable us to figure out where we’re falling short and where we’ve exceeded your expectations (so we can keep doing the good stuff, too!).


Why do we do it?


It’s not always easy to hear the tough feedback. That’s especially true when we may have spent weeks, months or even years working on a project. But we’ve come to be OK with hearing that something we have been laboring over just isn’t working for our users.


We widely share your feedback with our internal teams to prioritize the work that needs to be done to improve Constant Contact, and we also capitalize on the information you give us to try and anticipate what you’ll need next.


Your feedback actually becomes product changes. We found out through a few visits that many nonprofits were using our Events tool to capture yearly memberships from subscribers. However, at the time our Events were designed to last for just 3 months. Our customers told us that they needed a one-year expiration to allow them to continue managing member registrations. We never realized this was a way our customers would be using Events! So we went back to work and changed this aspect of the tool. Thanks to some great customer feedback, the kind you wouldn’t typically hear from a simple troubleshooting support call, we were able to accommodate a lot of users who needed us to pivot how we did things. This is just one example of why digging deep with customers through in-person conversations is so valuable to us!


Do you live within a few hundred miles of Boston or Loveland, CO (where we have another office)? Do you want to chat with software designers and developers to help drive where we take our products next? The CXO team is always on the go and seeking out customers we can learn from and grow with.


Send an email to customerexperienceoutreach(at)constantcontact(dot)com to learn more and find out when we might be in your neck of the woods.