Change Up Your Email Design with a Background Pattern


If you use the same email design over and over, adding a simple background pattern is a great way to change things up! It’s become a standard tool in email design adding a visual dimension to something that can otherwise appear two-dimensional and “flat”. Think of it as adding a bit of variation for the eye that enhances the content of your email. However, it should complement the design of your email campaign and not over-complicate it. Think of it as an easy way to create a professional and well-designed message! Here are some reasons why you should consider adding a background pattern…



Your brand is distinctive and helps you make your mark. And including a background pattern that reinforces or accentuates your brand colors is a smart approach. You can select from standard or custom colors too. Here’s an example:


Go from this…                                                                                         To this…





More Exciting

While still allowing for good readability, using a background pattern as a design element can add even more customization to your email campaigns. You can take your email campaign from basic to sensational with a single click! Check it out:


Go from this…                                                                                          To this…






A well-used background pattern can help make the lasting impression you need to succeed. Think of it as bringing on the wow factor! Take a look:


Go from this…                                                                                        To this…





Don’t worry if you don’t think you have an eye for it – we make it easy! Our email templates already come with the ability to select either a solid background or a patterned background. In the editing area just click Design and select Change Pattern. Then use the scroll bar to find a pattern you like, click on it to apply it to your email campaign, and then click the X to return to the Design tab:





Adding a background image can help attract more focus to the content all the while accentuating your brand colors, making your email more exciting, and impressing your readers. Remember to preview and test your email campaign to both desktop and mobile before sharing it with your contacts. You’ll want to ensure it looks its best!


Have any questions about the above article? Let us know! We’d also love to know your favorite or “go to” background pattern that you regularly use in your email campaigns.



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