Connectivity Troubleshooting for Constant Contact


🎵 Caught in a bad gateway. 🎵 


All right, I’ll stop riffin’ on pop songs and get to the point. Were you in the middle of a task and suddenly received an error message such as, “Bad Gateway: The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server?” Annoying, right? 


The last thing Constant Contact wants is to interrupt your workflow, so let’s consider some ways to avoid, or at least resolve, these types of issues. Take it away, nondescript-pop-singer-who-I-don’t-know-if-I-can-reference-without-legal-ramifications:


First off, make sure the browser you are using is compatible with Constant Contact. It is? Great! Moving along…


I forget to do this myself sometimes, but double check to make sure you have updated the operating system for your Mac OS or Windows PC.


Now, earlier we recommended you verify you are using a compatible web browser, and yet you’re still experiencing a technical issue. What gives? Hiccups can still arise with compatible browsers and the following troubleshooting steps can help identify them so you can get back to doing what you do best!


Try another browser. This isn’t to encourage you to give up your preferred browser, it’s just a step in investigating what might be causing you problems. If you find the issue does not persist in the new browser, that indicates the problem is (hopefully) localized to the previous browser.


If it is, consider disabling third party extensions or clearing your cache. Warning: When it comes to clearing cache, make sure you aren’t erasing your browsing history or other site data!


That covers the general troubleshooting advice we have, however it is important to note that unique, isolated incidents do occur where none of these steps will help! There might be a system-wide issue impacting everyone or a problem with your Internet Service Provider, such as a downed connection after a storm, etc. We recommend keeping an eye on for more information.



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