Constant Contact All Star Program Overview




Constant Contact recognizes that our customers put in hard work creating campaigns, engaging with their contacts, and getting real business results. We want to acknowledge your hard work and give some rewards to help make you even more successful. This is why we give out the All Star award annually and recognize around 10% of our customers for their marketing success.


How do you become a Constant Contact All Star?  Let’s get to the details!

  • Since we award per year, you need to be using our tools for at least one year
  • High average open (usually >25%) and click-through rates
  • Low bounce rate
  • Communicate regularly with your audience
  • Complete any two of these actions:
    • Add a web sign-up tool
    • Add the Facebook sign-up tool
    • Regularly monitor your reports
    • Promote your emails or events on social media
    • Include links to your social media accounts in your campaigns.


Now, let’s talk perks.  Here are a few things that you get for being an All Star:

  • Special online access to our marketing experts
  • Special free resources like marketing webinars and guides
  • Advance access to new features and tools from Constant Contact
Elissa HEyman
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I've been all over this site looking for where the "winner" badges are located - where the html code is so I can put it up on my site. Please put something your search engine about badges that leads to where they're located. Here's the email I'm answering, that give no way to find the badge: "New in 2016, we are proud to introduce All Star badges to the Constant Contact community board. Now, you'll have a badge for each year you've been an All Star."


Hello Elissa! If you log into your account here in the Community, you should be able to see your badges by clicking your Profile icon and then navigating to "My profile". 



Also, I am going to email you a link that will show you how to download these files. 

Regular Participant


I can't find my 2016 all star badge.  I tried using the link on the email that announced we were again an all star, but it didn't work.   I've spoken to two people in customer service and one of them gave me this link.  Please tell me how to access the 2016 badge.




Hello Laura ( @Laguna_Coast_Wilderness_Park), 


Thank you for reaching out to the Community about this. In order to keep the badges exclusive to just All Stars, I am going to follow up with an email to the contact address on your account with where you can get the badges and some other resources. 





Hi Samantha,

Can you please do the same for us? Thanks!



I am going to follow up with an email to the contact address on your account with where you can get the badges and some other resources. 





Hello @HeatherJ7709,


I have gone ahead and sent this information to you as well. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!


Have a wonderful day!


I read the discussion about the badges being available via profile and looked and many of the All Star badges received before are not there. For 2017, will those be named this June, as was the case with 2016--and will they appear automatically under profile or will winners be notified via email? Thank you!


Hello @WayneT2. I apologize for the delay in our reply! I am going to contact you via the email on your account regarding our All-Star program.


I need help with gaining access to my all star badge. Can you please contact me directly? The instructions are not working.


Thank you!


Hi @CarolineV5! So sorry about that! We just did some adjusting on our side and you should now see your badge on your profile.