Constant Contact Employee Spotlight: Taylor Morgan


In our newest Constant Contact Employee Q&A, we're venturing over to our Human Resources department to interview Taylor. Taylor is a Senior Human Resources Generalist and is involved in many parts of our company. Read on to find out more about her, her role at Constant Contact, and what interesting item she has waited in line the longest for.


A little background on Taylor


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Taylor has worked at Constant Contact for a little over two years. Previously, she worked in training and investment banking. She found that Human Resources was a way for her to act on her passion for working with people while getting to learn different functions of a business. 


Let's hop into the Q&A!


What does a typical day for you look like?
I would say there is no typical day. I'm a planner so I usually start by going through my emails and calendar and prioritizing through a list. Since I work with so many parts of the business and have different stakeholders relying on different deadlines, I'm always ready to pivot and re-prioritize throughout the day in hopes of being readily available to support the business at all times.


What makes you excited to come into work every day?
The people.


What drew you to working for Constant Contact?
I think the most important part of an interview that people often overlook is admitting what you don't know, you want a team that values your coachability and your willingness to learn. When I interviewed at Constant Contact, I was completely open about my strengths and opportunities and because of the unique culture at Constant Contact and its ability to recruit awesome people, I knew I was in good hands to be challenged and given opportunities in areas I didn't necessarily have experience in. Also, the noise — I took a tour the day I interviewed and I loved hearing the bustle around the office. So energizing!


If you were not working here, what job would you like to have?
CIA Agent


If you could give one piece of advice to a small business, what would it be? 
Make a list, include some things that are already taken care of so you can feel like you have momentum. When prioritizing, always remember what the customer considers a priority — if your customers are happy, you'll be less stressed working through the other pieces behind the scenes.


Now let's get to the fun stuff. Outside of the office, what do you like to do?
Try every sort of workout class until I find something that doesn't feel like working out, cook, read, do yoga....oh and play with as many dogs as possible until I get my own.


What is your favorite vacation spot?
In general the beach but specifically Maui, Hawaii if I could get there more often! It has the most amazing water, you can just float all day.


What is the best piece of advice that you have received?
Growing up, my report cards always had a number grade and an effort grade and my parents only ever looked at the effort grade. I think of that often.


What advice would you give to yourself at age 16?
Follow your passion, not what you think will impress others.


What have you waited in line the longest for?


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