Constant Contact Product Updates April 2018


April 2018 has come and gone, but a lot of great new features have arrived! We wanted to highlight some of the new updates that have been made to the product in the last month. For more in-depth information on our updates please click here.


Third-Generation Editor Updates:

  • Five-Column Layout – Was two or three columns across not cutting it for you? Well, now you can add five! Or four, if you so choose. It’s as easy as dragging over the five-column block from the Build tab and customizing to your preference! Learn more.
  • 2018-05-01_9-25-05.jpg
  • GDPR Template – With the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation soon to take effect, we have developed a new GDPR-specific template to help you document express consent to email your contacts. Learn more.
  • 3ge-template-picker-search-gdpr.png

We also provide translated confirmation blocks for 9 different European languages!



  • Resend to Non-Openers – This has been an oft-requested feature and now it is available! We have automated the process for you to resend an email campaign to contacts who did not open it the first time around. Learn more.
  • 3ge-resend-to-non-openers-settings-overlay.png


Quick Hits

Subject Line A/B Testing – Cancel the winning email. Learn more.

Donor List Segmentation – Automatically add donors to a contact list. Learn more.




Reply below with your questions! And don’t forget to post in our Feedback area if there are features and updates you’d like to see in the future.