Constant Contact Product Updates May 2018


Did everyone have an enjoyable month of May? We sure did! Constant Contact has implemented even more new features and processes in the last month. For more in-depth information on our updates please click here.


User Interface Updates:

  • Branded Template Builder - This is pretty cool! The Branded Template Builder is now accessible from the template selection page. You can quickly generate a template based on your website’s logo, colors, and social media links! Learn More.
  • 3ge-template-picker-options-menu-brand-templates.png
  • Resend Option - Were you worried hitting “Resend” in the “More” drop-down might initiate an execution you weren’t prepared for? We hope this eases your mind! We got feedback that it was not clear what would happen after “Resend” is clicked, so it has been changed to “Resend to…” Learn More.


Quick Hits

Scan a Business Card - The Constant Contact Mobile App can now pull the email address from a business card. A great feature for when you’re on the go!

Email Preview - The Email Preview panel has been refreshed! It’s a great way to see how your email will look between desktop and mobile!


Technical Updates/Fixes:

  • Users will now have the ability to cancel an A/B Test campaign before the winning campaign is sent.
  • If you had more than 50 tags in your account you wouldn’t be able to see them all when importing contacts. This was fixed so that you can see all your tags!
  • In some cases pop-up sign-up forms were showing gaps/broken image icons in certain browsers. Now your sign-up forms will look just like you expected.
  • We’ve updated the messaging when deleting a contact list to make it more clear what will happen to the contacts within that list.
  • In addition to the awesome scan business card feature, the Constant Contact Mobile App fixed several bugs around reporting, including display and delay issues.
  • Our Sign Up Tools page was delayed recognizing some accounts that were upgraded from a trial and would continue to display the Plans & Pricing page. This was corrected so you can start utilizing our features right away