Convert your Email to PDF file


Updated: March 2018



Have you wanted to hand out your emails to people who have not yet joined your email list? This is a great way to give them an idea of what content is included and encourage them to sign up!


You can convert your email to a PDF file to print in paper form. 


Please Note: It's a violation of our terms to host a PDF version of your newsletter on your website. You can instead use Email Archive to host your email and share the link to your Archive Homepage on your website.



Options for converting your email to a PDF:

-          Try a third party converter (Constant Contact is not responsible for any product outside of our Website)

-          Copy your email into a Word Document and convert the Word document to a PDF.

-          Open the webpage version of your email in Google Chrome and then open the print menu to save it as a PDF.


Remember, once you have converted your email you can upload the PDF file to your Library to include in future emails as a reference!


Where do I find the email archive feature in Constant Contact?


Thank you.


Updated: October 2018


Archiving email campaigns is available in Email Plus accounts. We also have updated the way find the permanent URL for your email campaigns as it can now be found through the Share option we provide.






Hi @GLL0


Our Archive feature isn't available in new accounts any longer. What you can do instead is to use the link we give you when you send an email campaign out.


When your email campaign has been sent, if you go to the Campaigns section, you will see a chain-mail icon to the right of the name of your sent email. You can click that and use that URL to share on your website.


Hope that helps!

Occasional Participant

Thank you for th article, I didn't find a converter which can convert email to pdf file directly, but word to pdf converter is easy to be found, and the add-on can be found on microsoft website.


Please show exactly where in your TOS that it says that it is a violation to post a PDF version of a newsletter online.


Thanks in advance,

Robert Ford

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I found this is about 5 minutes.


This may be what your looking for.  If not, you can read the TOS provided in the link below in more detail.

The TOS link is in the footer of all the pages on the site.   



  • You may only use our templates, any images we provide, or any other features or functionality of the Products with the Products themselves (for example, you may not take an image or template and use it on your website). This restriction also applies to customized templates prepared by our professional services group.


What chain mail icon?  I see nothing that you describe on my Campaigns page.


Hi @BritaD8


Thank you for point this out to us! There has been a recent update where this permanent link to the web version of your email was moved on your Campaigns page. The permanent URL for your email campaigns can now be found by Clicking More > Share to the right of your email's name.





We have also updated our previous response to include this new information as well.