Convert your Email to PDF file


Updated: March 2018



Have you wanted to hand out your emails to people who have not yet joined your email list? This is a great way to give them an idea of what content is included and encourage them to sign up!


You can convert your email to a PDF file to print in paper form. 


Please Note: It's a violation of our terms to host a PDF version of your newsletter on your website. You can instead use Email Archive to host your email and share the link to your Archive Homepage on your website.



Options for converting your email to a PDF:

-          Try a third party converter (Constant Contact is not responsible for any product outside of our Website)

-          Copy your email into a Word Document and convert the Word document to a PDF.

-          Open the webpage version of your email in Google Chrome and then open the print menu to save it as a PDF.


Remember, once you have converted your email you can upload the PDF file to your Library to include in future emails as a reference!