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Create a great unsubscribe page


UPDATED: January 2018


We have recently updated the Sign-Up Forms tab of our users' accounts. Your Update Profile Form can now be found under Landing Pages and More in the Sign-Up Forms section of your account. 


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Customizing the unsubscribe page is a great way to try to save a contact by letting them pick what information they want to receive or to gain valuable knowledge about why they no longer want your campaigns.  Currently in Constant Contact, you need to update the Update Profile Form to customize the Unsubscribe page. I am going to go over the Unsubscribe page and show you where to update all the information you need to create a great unsubscribe page.  


The unsubscribe page pulls two pieces of information from the Update Profile Form. It will add the image logo you use and the list(s) you select for the Update Profile Form. It is easy to customize the Update Profile Form.


Clicking on the Update Profile form, it will bring you to a page where you can give your form a title and description. This allows contacts to know they are in the right place and what to do.


The next page is where you can check the lists that you want to be available to contacts - whether to join or be removed from. The lists selected here will be the ones that show up in your Unsubscribe Page. You want the names of your list to be easily understood by your contacts/customers/subscribers. Customers should understand what they are going to receive information on.  If a customer is in any of the lists that show in the update profile form there will be a check next to that list.




When you hit continue it will ask you what information you want to collect from the contact. This does not show in the unsubscribe page. It is still a good idea to format this page. Here you can choose what type of information you'd like your contact to provide by checking the box next to all fields you want to be required and clicking the "x" for fields you don't need contacts to fill out. If you've removed a field by accident, just click the "Additional fields" link to add it back.


Next, you can select what logo and colors you want use on the last page of the Update Profile Form. This image needs to be a banner image that is 300px by 100px. Any bigger image will distort to fit this size. I recommend a simple logo with your company name next to it. Remember to preview your form to make sure it looks good. Click Finish when you're done.




A professional unsubscribe page will show your customers you care about the information you are providing them and help ensure they only get the information they want to see.

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How can I customize the text in the "Please Confirm Your Unsubscribe" and "Unsubscribe Confirmation" forms? The auto generated text that is there does not fit with our organization, as we don't use Constant Contact for marketing but rather for communicating withour membership. We also need to include a little more information about what exactly they are unsubscribing from to help them make a more informed decision. I fear that the "marketing emails" portion is giving our members the wrong information. For the confirmation form, we need to be able to include more info there, as well, along with a resubscribe link.




Hello Beth. At this time, we do not have the ability to customize the message on the Unsubscribe forms. I would like to submit some feedback to our Product team regarding this so if you could email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username and a reference to this post, I would be happy to put that in for you. 

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Hi Caitlin. I will send that email shortly. I really hope this is something that can be put into place soon. Thanks!

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At this point it should be possible to put "other options for following us" options (eg, social icons, website address) on the unsubscribe form.  This is standard with every other service I'm aware of.  Second the need for being able to customize that page so it is not boring to people.  Crazy to spend so much time making a compelling product to have a gray unsubscribe page.  Thank you!


Hello @JayK560,


Thanks for providing this feedback. I will definitely be sure to pass this along to our Product team as a feature request. I also recommend posting any feedback you may have in our Feedback Area too. This is a great place to post ideas for the product, where it allows other customers to vote on it. This often times helps features and functionality get added to the product. I also understand how important it is to have some color on your unsubscribe page. The options for this are limited, but we do offer the ability to edit the Font and Background colors in the Form Appearance section of the editor of this form.



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Is this still the most relevant information for customizing the update profile/unsubscribe page? I too am looking for features similar to the ones the previous commenters mentioned (customizing the text on the unsubscribe page and adding social links). I had previously assumed these were features which my org just wansn't utilizing, but I am baffled to learn that it might actually be due to the limitations of Constant Contact...!


Hello @EmilyD52,


Great question. The process for updating the update profile/unsubscribe form is still the same, though it has received a bit of a makeover. This new post goes over what the form looks like now.


We are still tracking feedback on including a customization option insofar as it pertains to updating the text on the unsubscribe page but there is nothing concrete in the pipeline yet. If you would like to be notified for if or when this feature is implemented please email us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with your username, the best contact email address, and a reference to this post. We will make sure you are notified. 

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How can we create a link to this page? If I want to include a link from our website for people to be able to unsubscribe from the list?


Hello @HeathM5,


There is not currently a way to add a link to the unsubscribe page as it is a dynamic link that changes based on who an email is sent to. This prevents someone from unsubscribing someone else. However, I'm more than happy to let our developers know that you're looking for this feature! 

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Well, as far as I know from 25th of May websites will need to have their own unsubscribe page wehere the vsitor can choose from opt-out options.


Thanks for the quick reply @HeathM5,


I've double checked with our Compliance team and they have verified that there is not currently a GDPR requirement of adding an unsubscribe link to your website, and that sending out the GDPR email covers that base. If you have additional questions about GDPR, please feel free to reference this guide




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Basically, we need to send out a new email that informs them about the changes of the new law and we wanted to add an unsubscribe button to the page in case they want to unsubscribe. :smileyface:

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Hi Thanks for your response.


Sorry I didn't mean to have a direct unsubscribe link on the website but a link that would go to the landing page of yours where they can change their preferences? Have you got something like that?


Hi @HeathM5,


Thank you for your reply. At the moment, we do not have a link that you can implement within your website that would allow the contacts to change their preferences. The reason is because the links are contact particular, it is tracked to their email address. We do however, have the Update Profile landing page where contacts can manage their preferences. This can be found within the Sign-up Forms page. Once you get to that page, click on Landing Pages and More option and you will see the Update Profile form. For more information on this and how to edit the update-profile form, please click here.


I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause in not having this feature at the moment, but let us know if you have any additional questions.

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Hi Thanks for your response


I have got this landing page created but couldn't find a way how contacts can land on this page to edit their preferences?


Hi @HeathM5,


Once you send out an email campaign to your contacts, they will need to click on the Update Profile link at the bottom of the footer. Then they will be able to change their preferences for which lists they would like to be subscribed to or not and also other changes to their contact details as well. I hope this helps. Let us know if you need assistance with anything else.

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Is this feature still available. Today is Dec 3 2019. The steps don't look the same


Hi @NorthgateC


You are correct, the process for accessing your Update Profile form has been updated. This form can now be found by clicking Landing Pages and More under the Sign-Up Forms tab of your account.




NewSignUp_LandingPagesAndMore (2).png


I apologize for any confusion this outdated information may have caused and have added an update to this post as well.


The last comment/reply was from 2018.  Is there a way now to be able to edit the options and verbiage in the actual UNSUBCRIBE FORM?  Not, the Update your Profile form.  All our users are required by compliance to receive our communications, we would like to put additional verbiage and change some of the wording for the radio buttons on the UNSUBSCRIBE FORM itself. 


Agreed. We are a regulator who's members MUST receive communications from us. At a bare minimum we would like the only option available at the bottom of emails to be the "Update Profile" link instead of the "Unsubscribe" link.