Design Your Email Template in 15 Minutes or Less

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Design Email.pngFirst impressions matter. Especially in the inbox.


When you’re creating an email for your small business or nonprofit, you want it to represent your brand, convey your message visually, and drive action. But how do you know you have the essential elements for an effective email design?


In this workshop, we’ll show you how to create beautiful emails that get real results for your organization in 15 minutes or less.


You’ll learn about best practices for colors, fonts, branding, and images to design the perfect email for your message in half the time.


Join us for a free webinar, where you will receive:

  • An email design checklist
  • An opportunity to ask questions and interact with our workshop presenters


By the end of the session, you’ll be armed with expert tips on how to design the best email for your small business or nonprofit.



NOTE: If you are unable to attend, please register anyway. That way we can send you a free recording of the session that you can watch on your own time.


You can find the worksheet for the webinar here.

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Great webinar and I have designed my master but am having trouble with the button block. It shows in my preview but when I email a test to myself, the button has gone and only the button text appears. I have tried changing the colour background of the button and the text to no avail. Also, how do I create a URL link for the button? At the moment I just selected the internal text and linked to that but I thought the the button shape itself might be linkable?





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 Hi @TrudyW9,


I am glad you enjoyed the webinar and I am happy to assist you with the button block. I took a look at your account and ran a test of your email, but the button wasn't disappearing for me. I tested in Outlook '10 and in Gmail, and it appeared to be displaying properly. I would recommend to delete all of your previous test emails that you have sent so far, and try again. Also, would you please let me know what browser and email client you are using as well so that I can try to troubleshoot a little further? You can always send us a screenshot as well so that we can see what you are seeing when you are sending your test emails. If you are looking for a quick fix, I would recommend making a button, and importing it into Constant Contact as an image. This way, you can still link it, and it will show up in your test emails. 


As far as linking your button to a URL, you can go into the editor of the email, and enter the button block. You will then hilight the text inside the button and click the little "Link" icon. This icon will bring you to the next screen where you can enter the URL and the link text! Check out the images below to see! 



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Thanks Hayley.


I did a work-around yesterday so I could get my compaigns off and will explore the button further. I created a black border around the button in case the green background colour dissappeared when others read the email, and linked to black text (rather than the white) using the method you described.


I open emails inside a secure email system called deskcontrol. I use Google (not sure of the version but it's not Chrome).




Hi Trudy. We want to look into this further for you and try to run some tests on our side to see if we are able to replicate your issue. Would you mind emailing us at social_support(at)constantcontact(dot)com with a reference to this post and your username?

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Hi.  Can I get the links for the handouts to this webinar?

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Hello @jasonE10


You can find the handout at this link here. I will also add it to the original post here, to make it easier to find.